Monday, 23 September 2013

Reading Survey

To be honest, reading is not an activity that I often find myself doing just for the sake of enjoyment. I, like everyone else, have a unique array of hobbies, and I have always enjoyed the prospect of adventure; something that literature is rich with. However, I have never had a large appreciation for activities that do not seem to accomplish anything. I suppose you could say that a lot of literary material falls into this category for me, as aside from the enjoyment of the story and some potentially intriguing ideas, in reality I see myself as not doing anything greatly productive or beneficial during that time. Yes, I love adventure, however I suppose you could say that I’d rather seek out adventure of my own rather than merely being a spectator. This is not to say, though, that I have anything against reading. Instead, when I read it is often for the purpose of gaining something- to learn, to absorb information. For example, I have spent time in the past reading instructional articles on the internet or studying famous composers from library books, but there is one specific piece of literature that I tend to spend more time reading than anything else. I am a Christian, and so the Bible is something that I find to be rather important and interesting as well. It has intriguing stories of kingdoms thousands of years ago. It has poetry and philosophy and anything in between. But more importantly, it is quite literally a guide book to follow Jesus-which is the purpose of being a Christian. And to follow suit, I haven’t read much of anything recently with the exception of the Bible. Recently I have been reading the book of 1 Chronicles, which recounts a lot of events during the reign of King David.
I have no cellular phone of any kind, but I do have an iPod touch, which functions in a similar fashion where Wi-Fi is available. I also have a laptop, both of which I am capable of bringing on a daily basis if needed. Both of these devices can be used for reading and writing, and I have no e-reader or other such devices. In terms of social networking, my use is limited in comparison to a vast majority of my peers. I have a Facebook account, which I use solely for communication among my friends, and keeping up-to-date with groups I am involved with. Aside from that, I have a blog set up specifically for my role in the school’s musical theatre program. This was also an assignment, and we were instructed to make posts in character of our role from the musical, Shrek. As I have done it before, I have no problem with making a blog for this class.


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