Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite: Teacher's POV

Describe a day in a class from a teacher's point of view.

It has been a long day, prodding high school students along in empty hopes that they will do their work. Though the work is not all that difficult and the tasks are small, for some reason the students don't seem remotely compliant, rather apathetic about their assignments. My patience has not worn out completely despite the smell of younger students, immature statements and quietly defiant attitudes. Alas, it is the last period of the day. I don't mind too much, as this is their education and not mine, but it would be encouraging to see my own passions about reading and writing passed on to at least a rare few of them. This class is different however. Due to an assignment that I have given for this class specifically, this group of seniors are straying from their usual habits of engrossing themselves with the screens of their mobile devices to eagerly post stories written in very short amounts of time to a blog. It's only a small thing and I know many of them are still a ways behind on a vast amount of their other assignments, yet it gives me a stroke of satisfaction, yes, a glimmer of hope to see my students engaged in an activity that brings me even a small amount of elation. Perhaps through this one or two of them may realize that they share this passion, carrying on in my footsteps.

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