Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Log Book: Monotony

Nothing particularily interesting happened yesterday. Yet another run though of Shrek took place, which was fun, though not much else in terms of productivity. It leads me to think of a Ferris wheel; round and round it goes, yet without going anywhere at all. As I look up at the great curvature of steel, I consider that this is what life is like to some. They let the wheel turn, and watch as time passes by. All in the sake of continuation, they sit back and enjoy the ride. Futility turns the wheel, and yet a line still leads up to the ride. I've been on it long enough to have memorized the view. Others still repeatedly gaze off into the distance expecting change without any basis. Now, I've let my feet touch the ground, and though it doesn't seem like an immediate improvement, it changes the perspective. Seeing the same thing gets old, and I've gone in circles enough to be ready to change the direction. There is nothing special about a fish that can swim downstream, but perhaps one that finds a new path will find himself in a more satasfactory place. Alas, there is more to life than survival.

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