Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quickwrite: Dreams

In answer to this question, I will have to remain vague as I am not entirely sure about the contents of the dream I would create, nor to whom I would send it. However, I know that I would not create a nightmare. I would find this to be abuse to this ability, and instead I would want to create a message to the recipient which could not be simply conveyed face to face. This reminds me of the movie Inception, and like the movie, I would use this ability to plant an idea. I would only have one opportunity, and so this idea to plant in this person’s brain must be of great importance. Perhaps I would implant the idea that fear is something created in the mind, and teach this person confidence. Or I might give a message that would cause them to strive for success rather than accepting second place. No matter the idea, it would be something specific to the recipient. Something that said person must learn, but yet an idea that cannot simply be taught. There are some concepts which must be learned from oneself, yet through dreams I could cause someone to come to a realization with upmost confidence that this was their thought alone. I would choose a person wisely; someone I know well enough to understand what they must learn. I would allow this person to have an epiphany that would change their life for the better. I would use a dream to set a person free from their own mind.

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