Saturday, 4 January 2014

6 Word Debrief

What did I learn about storytelling?

During this assignment I think that my ability to summarize an idea into a very small amount of words was improved upon. In being descriptive I find that I often use many words in order to make my point very clear and unmistakable. However, in this assignment, I had no choice but to stray from that and carefully pick words that would allow a reader to interpret the message as I desired. However, another thing that is beautiful about storytelling is that to an extent, the message is open to interpretation. Though I might have a very particular idea in my head that spurred the creation of a memoir or story or any other art piece, someone else might take in the finished product and find something that I never explored about it. Also, I found that I used a thesaurus a lot in order to give the message I was envisioning, using specific words to provide a certain flair that another wouldn't.

Where did I show my knowledge about using storytelling skills?

I believe throughout every aspect of the assignment, I was demonstrating storytelling skills. First was coming up with an idea; a message I wanted to portray. Then I would find a way to tell this story; to send this message in six very specific words. After this I would find imagine a scenery that compliments the six word message that I have written, and think of a way to represent the image in my head that was both a plausible option of a photo and would artistically build on the memoir I had written. After editing the photo I had taken to portray the exact emotion I would send, I lastly input the text into the image in a way that both metaphorically represents my message and visually compliments the image I had created. So, in each step of the process, I was linking my cations back to the message I was intending to send, using storytelling in every part of the creation.

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, storyteller?

Aside from what I have said above about increased experience with effectively compressing thoughts and ideas, this also built skills in linking ideas through different mediums of communication. I know the idea I want to send, but transforming that into a comprehensive message that can be seen through interpreting words and images is another thing altogether. So, in essence I suppose one could say that I better understand communication, from the perspective of someone creating or experiencing art. That is, through every part of the creation is a message sent. For example, font size and style, even placement can represent anything from oppression to proclamation, or subtle darkness and enhanced shadows in an image can represent pitiful loneliness or the experience of an incomprehensibly vast space. Every little detail plays a part, and how all these little parts line up defines what the piece invokes in the mind of a viewer.

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