Saturday, 4 January 2014

6 Word Memoir #8: Age

Writer's Note
This memoir was built on the fact that who I am today is entirely because of what has happened in the past. In the image, there are two boys playing guitars together: my brother and I. Separated by ten years, we are still very similar and he looks up to me enormously. In this image, my brother represents myself, ten years in the past. This is to play on the idea that I was subconsciously shaping my future which became the present before I had a conception of action and consequence. In the picture I used various effects in attempt to enhance this effect; I used old photo filters and threshold manipulation as well as hue and saturation manipulation to make the half of the image my brother sits in seem like an old image. I wanted to make it seem as if an old photo of myself and a new one were seamlessly stitched together to represent my past and how it affected where I am now in my life. The text floats around the heads of the subjects of the photo, representing that it is a thought; an idea that everything we do affects the course of the future to some extent. The six words in this photo are but a fragment of a larger idea that came to me in creating this: The past has formed who I am today, and what I do today will mould my future.

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