Saturday, 4 January 2014

6 Word Memoir #6: Family

Writer's Note
The idea behind this image is that the word family is more than just the set of relatives to which you are born into. Family means people who you love like a brother or sister, who you truly care for and would defend. This particular image shows a few staff members for the camp that I worked at during the summer of 2012, during a chapel session. Our camp staff family was one of those groups; tightly knit and loving in a way of companionship. I felt that this accurately described what I was referring to by this definition of family beyond relatives. The text in this photo is mostly unobtrusive, but complementary with a smooth, scripted font to give a feeling of warmth and comfort. In this photo, I used effects such as hue and saturation manipulation to add to the aura of warmth, vignette, and gaussian blurring.

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