Wednesday, 1 January 2014

6 Word Memoir #5: Freedom

Writer's Note
Similar to my 4th memoir, this is a statement of something I want to be in the future: free and full of adventure. I dream of travelling the world, climbing mountains and crossing oceans. This is who I want to be. An image of a ship depicts the idea of freedom, as a ship can sail wherever it the captain desires it to go, and I desire to be free like this. The image of a toy ship represents that this is only a dream at this point, and like a child plays with a toy ship dreaming of sailing freely across the ocean, so too do I dream of adventure without bounds. The text in the image is set to send the message of my dreams and desires, that everything in the image is yet in the theoretical future. At the bottom, the text makes it clear what this dream is. In this image I used effects such as gaussian blur, darkening, vignette, a water ripple effect, threshold adjustment and various others.

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