Saturday, 4 January 2014

6 Word Memoir #7: Love

Writer's Note
In our modern society, I find that love has strayed away from its true meaning. It has become hypersexualized and many people seem to believe that without a relationship, they are unloved. Not only is this far from accurate, but there are several kinds of love. Love is critical in any relationship in which two people care about each other and put the other above themselves. This is not even referring to a romantic relationship, but relationships of friends, family and many others. Beyond this, in romantic relationships, many things have become the focus rather than putting the other before oneself and truly caring about them, with forgiveness and compassion. The book in the picture is Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and it talks specifically about God's love. Coincidentally, I received this book as a gift from someone I love as a brother and a former mentor. Love is so much more and so much more valuable than what is recognized in our modern society. Since the book in the image is about love in its purest form, I felt that it was appropriate for the image, though I had originally wanted a picture of wedding bands. The text resembles the font on the cover of the book, and the text sits present, but not entirely in the spotlight, which is representative of this counter-cultural idea of what love truly is. I used effects in this image that include blurring, darkening, hue and saturation manipulation.

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