Saturday, 28 December 2013

Reading Assignment #2: Tweets

Shrek the Musical (71) How did Fiona not notice that Shrek was an ogre with his helmet on? He is still green. #daftprincess #comment

!- Loving all the cracks at Farquaad's height. Also how those jokes go right over Fiona's head. #puns  #funny

Seems to me that princesses make a pretty big gamble while waiting in a tower. Who know's who will rescue them? #romance #bigidea

Not sure text can compete with Eddie Murphy's sassiness. Donkey is just too great. #parfaitsaredelicious #bookormovie

Waiting around in a tower aint gonna give you what you would expect. Unless you really dig ogres. #noonedigsogres #lifelesson

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