Saturday, 28 December 2013

Reading Assignment #4: Character iPhone

Literature: Shrek the Musical
Author: David Lindsay-Abaire, based on the movie Shrek

Shrek's iPhone

1. DBC: Similar to the British Broadcasting company, the Duloc Broadcasting Company is a TV station that provides news and entertainment for the viewer. Shrek occasionally uses this to unwind, or simply to keep up with all that is going on in the province of Duloc.

2. Fairy Tales: Everyone has their preferred literature to stimulate their mind, and Shrek passes the time reading fairy tales. As his eyes scan the pages, he silently has a deep, hidden longing to become a hero himself, to overcome a great beast and save a damsel in distress. However, being and ogre this desire is nearly impossible, and so Shrek uses his fairy tale stories to escape his own reality.

3. Ogre Recipes: From Swamp Toad Soup to Fish Eye Tartar, this app has it all. Ogres must learn to live alone, including making their own food, and so bizarre and unethical, yet somehow delicious recipes are created by ogres for their own livelihood. The app even allows the user to add their own favourite recipes, and so some of Shrek's own proud creations have made it into this app.

4. Duloc Map: Duloc is a large jurisdiction, which a person can easily get lost in. This app allows users like Shrek to easily navigate around, and should the user desire to go on a great and noble quest to save a princess, directions can be provided by the Duloc Map app.

5. Graphics Pro: You would probably not assume ogres to be extremely artistic, which is true. However, ogres like Shrek tend to decorate the boundaries to their swamp with brightly coloured warning signs telling people to stay out. This app allows Shrek to design somewhat artistic banners that are sure to grab the attention of a wanderer before he steps foot in an unfortunate place.

6. Netflix: Being an ogre, Shrek tends to have a lot of time on his hands. Generally he has no trouble finding things to do around the swamp, but on those late nights, it is nice to have some for of lazy entertainment. And so, Netflix provides Shrek with all the movies and TV shows he cares to watch.

7. Layers: Shrek lives alone and completely independently from the world. Naturally, this means that he has a lot of daily tasks to partake in. Layers allows ogres like Shrek to organize these tasks into a format that is easy to keep track of, and will remind him of things he needs to do.

8. Journal: Being a hermit, Shrek tends to be rather lonely. He has come to live with it happily as a fact of life, but the faint desire to speak to someone or something still exists. The Journal app allows Shrek to channel all his thoughts into words which will be safely kept in a private diary. Shrek took up journal writing back when he was seven years old, as he was sent out into the world completely alone and had to learn how the world worked first-hand and all by himself.

9. iStellarium: One tradition that ogres have maintained beautifully is astronomy. Ogres such as Shrek love to gaze into the stars, finding constellations and telling stories about them. iStellarium allows its users to gaze into the vast night sky at any time, map out constellations and much more.

10. Silence: In dramatic contrast to the standard issue Music app, Silence allows its users to plug in noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy hearing absolutely nothing. Shrek enjoys relaxing without distraction, but sometimes there are things such as obnoxious donkeys that interfere with that. So, this app allows Shrek to kick back and enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

iPhone Appearance:

Shrek lives a simple life, relaxed with not a care in the world. He doesn't have much to call his own, nor does he live very elegantly. On the iPhone itself, the phone is charging, which shows that he doesn't leave the comfort of his home much. On the case, he has a picture of his swamp; his humble living grounds, and just about all he has to himself. Shrek doesn't care for much, but of course his home is and always will be dear to him. He keeps very little and holds tightly to what he does have, and so his swamp remains pictured on the case of Shrek's iPhone.

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